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Latest News

  • Patch 2011-09-29
  • 09.22.2011 - Version 4.2.6 released
  • 08.16.2011 - Version 4.2.5 released
  • 07.15.2011 - Version 4.2.4 released
  • 03.11.2011 - Version 4.2.3 released
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The OurGrid Community comprises all users and developers of the OurGrid middleware. This middleware enables the creation of peer-to-peer computational grids, and since its first release, in December 2004, it has been used by hundreds of users to speed up the execution of Bag-of-Tasks applications¹. These include parameter sweep simulations, rendering of images, optimization algorithms, and many others. Read the Success Stories section to have an idea on how OurGrid is helping people to get their job done.

In the peer-to-peer grids enabled by OurGrid, computing and storage resources originated from spare resources (idle CPUs and free disk space), are provided by a whole community of grid participants, and are shared in such a way as to make those who have contributed the most to get the most out of the grid whenever they need it. The software is written in Java, allowing any resource capable of running a Java Virtual Machine to be tapped on to the grid. For more details, read about the vision behind OurGrid.

The OurGrid is a stable, free, open-source middleware (distributed under GPL) that comprises an active community of users and developers. If you are new to OurGrid, you may want to start by running some simple applications. Read the Running a Job section to get up to speed in the blink of an eye. In the spirit of peer-to-peer systems and to the best of your own interest, you will want to make your resources available to the grid. Read the Joining the Community section for details on how to setup your OurGrid site.


1-BoT (Bag-of-Tasks) applications - Parallel applications whose tasks (the parts that run on a single CPU) do not communicate among themselves during execution.