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In order to benefit from OurGrid’s full functionality, you need to donate some spare processing power and storage to the OurGrid Community. The more you give, the more you receive back from the community. For that, you are required to install both the OurGrid Worker software on the machines whose idle time you want to donate, and the OurGrid Peer to manage these Workers.

Mailing List

The OurGrid Users List brings together people using OurGrid, so that they can discuss problems and features and share their experiences. The Ourgrid Users List in Portuguese is the users' list in Portuguese.

General System Requirements

It is important to know that there is no need for super-user privileges to install OurGrid. Indeed, we strongly advise you not to run any of the OurGrid components as super-user.

All OurGrid components require access to an XMPP server in order to work properly. If this service is not available at your site, you have here instructions on how to install your XMPP server.

Finally, OurGrid components run both on Linux and Windows platforms, and require Java 1.6 or some later version of it on all machines. You can check the Java version with the command 'java -version'.

Quick Guides

  • Installing and configuring an OurGrid site;
  • Installing and configuring a Peer;
  • Installing and configuring Workers;
  • Creating a private OurGrid Community
  • Creating a new Worker Executor (under construction).