Important This description works on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

If you want to consume from others sites, you need to join an OurGrid community. So, in the community you can share your idle workers and receive the remote idle workers when you need. By default, the peer is configured to connect to the official OurGrid Discovery Service, which is the component responsible for connecting all the community peers. It is located in the address . Although you can join others OurGrid communities, changing the Discovery Service address.

You can set the peer to join community by one of these ways:

  1. If you use the Peer GUI, you can set the Discovery Service address and mark or unmark the option “join community?”

  2. Or you can you set it by editing the “ /etc/ourgrid/peer/” file and setting:

       peer.joincommunity= no | yes

  3. After set this options you can start the Peer by executing “peer start” in the terminal console or by click on Start peer on GUI.

  4. Finally you can check if the Peer is working by typing in the console the “peer status” command.