Configuration Properties

Each OurGrid component has a configuration file that defines some properties to its execution. The properties file is located in the component installation directory, named as the following pattern: <<component_name>>.properties. In this section these properties are explained.

Component Properties

  1. Common properties
  2. Peer properties
  3. Worker properties
  4. Broker properties
  5. Discovery Service (DS) properties
  6. Aggregator properties

1. Common Properties

Each component has its own properties file, but some properties are common for all components. See in the following table:

Property Description
confdir Sets the installation directory of the component (ex.: /etc/ourgrid/peer)
sync.logger Possible values: yes | no
commune.xmpp.username Username used by the component to connect the XMPP Server (ex.: homemachine)
commune.xmpp.password Password used by the component to log into the XMPP Server
commune.xmpp.servername Address of the XMPP server to connect (ex.:
commune.xmpp.serversecureport The port used to secure connections to the XMPP Server (ex.: 5223)
commune.xmpp.checkresource Possible values: yes | no
commune.xmpp.serverport The port of XMPP Server to connect (ex.: 5222)
commune.publickey Key used by the receivers to read messages encrypted and sent by the component. The value is a hash key that is generated by the component start process.
commune.privatekey Key used by the component to encrypt messages. The value is a hash key generated by the component start process.
commune.filetransfer.max.simultaneous Defines the maximum number of files to be transferred simultaneously (ex.: 10)
commune.filetransfer.notify.progress Possible values: yes | no
commune.filetransfer.timeout Defines the amount of time to wait for a file transfer (ex.: 120)
commune.usemonitor Possible values: yes | no
commune.certification.file.mycertificatefilepath Define the path to the certificate used by the component (ex.: /etc/ourgrid/peer/certification/mycertificate/mycertificate.cer)

2. Peer Properties

Property Description
peer.label String used as screen name for the Peer on the community (ex.: Lab Peer)
peer.description Peer at school lab
peer.joincommunity If the Peer should join and share available resources with the community. Possible values: yes | no
peer.register.ondemand Enables on demand registration for users (Brokers). If yes, any Broker can connect and submit jobs to the Peer. Possible values: yes | no
peer.voluntary Set the Peer to work as voluntary peer and any Worker can connect. Possible values: yes | no The email address of the Peer administrator.
peer.rankingfile Path to the file where the community peers credits must be saved. (ex.: /etc/ourgrid/peer/rankings.dat)
peer.ds.overloaded.retrydelay The address of the Discovery Service to connect (ex.: )
peer.requesting.cacertificate.path Path to the certificate used to identify the Peer when requesting resources from others Peers
peer.receiving.cacertificate.path Path to the certificate used to identify the Peer when donating resources to others Peers

3. Worker Properties

Property Description
worker.peer.address The Peer address to connect as registered in the XMPP Server
worker.executor The Executor responsible for run tasks
worker.idlenessdetector Defines if the worker must wait the resource be idle to set it as available to run tasks. Possible values: yes | no
worker.idlenesstime Defines how many time the worker must wait before set resource as available. The value is set in seconds (ex.: 1200)
worker.spec.file Path to file used to add specific properties that can be used as requirement clauses into submitted job. The file must be follow the pattern 'key=value'
worker.xidletime64.path Path to the lib xidletime compatible with 64 bits machines
worker.xidletime32.path Path to the lib xidletime compatible with 32 bits machines
vm.hypervisor.type The virtualization environment in use. (ex.: VSERVER, VBOX)
vm.disk.path Path to the image used by the virtual machine The name of the virtual machine used to run tasks
vm.user The username to log into the virtual machine
vm.password The password to log into the virtual machine
vm.disk.type Type of the disk controller. (ex.: ide)
vm.os The OS used in the virtual machine (ex.: windows, linux)
vm.os.version Specify the OS version used in the Virtual Machine, by default the OS is Ubuntu
vm.memory Amount of memory allocated to the virtual machine. (ex.: 128)

4. Broker Properties

Property Description
broker.peer.address Define the Peer address to connect
broker.persist.jobid Set if the broker should persist the last job id or if the id can be reseted every time the broker is restarted
broker.persist.jobid.path The path to the file where the broker will persist the job id
broker.heuristic The heuristic used to schedule jobs
broker.max.blacklist.fails How many failures the broker should wait before add a worker to the blacklist
broker.maxfails The limit of times that the broker must try to execute a task after a fail
broker.maxreplicas The maximum number of replicas per task to execute

5. Discovery Service (DS) Properties

Property Description

6. Aggregator Properties

Property Description
aggregator.ds.username The username of the DS registered in the XMPP Server
aggregator.ds.servername The XMPP Server Address